Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finished Refurbish

As I shared a few posts ago, I've been refurbishing a yard flag. I love to reduce/reuse/recycle and I couldn't see throwing it away and buying a new one, when I knew I could repaint it for another year.
This is the before:
Washed out from the sun. Add a little acrylic paint made for the outdoors and VOILA!

It was so easy! Sort of like coloring. I just put the original color on all the places and blended.
I did this on my fall flag last year and even though there was a bit of cracking in the paint, it held up well. I'll probably be able to get another year out of that one. I'm hoping to get two years from this one as well.

Happy Thursday everyone!!


  1. Lovely job and a very pretty flag to hang for the Easter season.

  2. Wow!!! What an idea! Who'd a thunk it?!!! :D