Sunday, December 30, 2012

With One Day to Spare

I wanted to post my December block of the month before the end of the year. I have one day to spare.
The middle is a little off center and I realized it's because I started it out backwards. I'm ok with that though. I actually made two blocks and I like the first one better but, there is an obvious crooked seam line in the middle and it didn't make it out to 12 1/2", so I tried again with the other fabrics.
My friend Janice, who is doing this with me had a lovely block.
She chose to use a pattern that was slightly different than mine, and I kinda like hers a little better.

My local quilt shop is having a 50% off sale this week. I'm heading there as soon as they open up on Wednesday. I hope to pick up some more holiday fabric before it's all put away or sold. I'm thinking I'll probably go ahead and do my Twelve Months of Christmas again this year. It was fun!

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Quilt for Klaire

My son and his wife will be having a girl, as I have mentioned before, and her name shall be Klaire. (I'm in love with this name.)

For Christmas I made a quilt for Klaire. I found the photo of one like it on Google, and don't know the original creator. It's not my own idea, and I'm not taking credit for that, but mine is a little different.
Most of the fabric came from Tonya's Fabric page on Facebook.
Klaire's Mommy and Daddy love it, and her Nanna is excited to see her lay on it when she gets here in April.

Something Different

While I didn't have anything pressing to do at Christmas, and all my projects were caught up, I decided to try something different. On the spur of a moment, I decided to try piecing hexagons. I've been seeing them a lot, and my friend Tonya is a big paper pieced person. She has inspired me and so I thought I'd give it a try.

I began with some Jason Yenter fabric called "Deco", which I am in love with. I had some deep blue fabric left from another project that I thought would go well with it.
I tried a little fussy cutting, but it really didn't turn out as I expected. I will try more of the fussy cutting as I go along with it.
I'm adding some brighter aqua to the mix, and more of these two fabrics. It's an ongoing process and I still don't have a solid plan in my head. I often just go with it and see what happens, but I think I want this to be a wall hanging in my sewing room. I'm not sure if I will continue out from the center with shades of blue, or do a rainbow blend type thing. Still thinking on that one, but I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kitchen Fun

The last two days I've been doing a little decorative painting in hopes of bringing some new life to the decor above my kitchen cabinets. I have ideas in my head, and slowly I'm implementing them one by one.

First I used blocks of 2x4s my husband cut off for me to add the word "FAITH" to the mix.
I Mod Podged scrapbook paper for the background and painted the letters on with acrylic craft paint. I then coated it again with the Mod Podge.

On to the next area.
I took a wooden plaque from Walmart, base painted it with cream, then brushed on some yellow, orange and brown. I sanded down some areas to make it look a little worn. Then I painted the words "EAT" on it.
I need to add a bit of greenery to the area, but it's beginning to come together nicely.
I'm not crazy about the blue pitcher, but one: my mother-in-law gave it to me and I needed to display it somewhere obvious and two: I don't have anything else to go there yet. It will work itself out eventually. And in the meantime I'm enjoying the process.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wonky Wedding Quilt

My friend asked the guests at her son's wedding rehearsal to sign some fabric squares for me to put together in a quilt. I'd never heard of it but, I thought it was a great idea. This is the result.
Since none of the fabric pieces were square and some of the folks filled it from edge to edge, I came up with a wonky square design. I actually wound up having to cut a few of the letters out of some words occasionally, to have a seam allowance. In one place it was so close that while I was quilting, it tried to come apart, so I had to do some quick repair work.

There were more squares than I could use on the front, so I added the rest to the back in an even less structured pattern.
Since both of my children are already married, I won't be able to do this for them, but I hope I don't forget by the time my grandchildren marry. If I'm still around by then. *wink*

Friday, December 7, 2012

Joint Effort

This morning LMW and I created something fun together. It's the first time he's actually cooperated enough to actually finish something.

First we traced his hands. (He tried very hard not to move them but it was hard when he didn't like Nanna holding his fingers still.)

Next we traced his foot. (And this was even harder because the pen tickled.)

Then we transferred the markings onto Heat and Bond. Then onto fabric, then onto his long sleeve tee.

He sat in my lap while I sewed around the design and really would rather have used the "scwew divah to fitz the sewing sheen", but I convinced him not to.

 When it was finished, this is what we had.

A little slick paint for the eyes and mouth and we have Rudolf. Or is it Rudolph?
He couldn't stop feeling of it.
My happy little crafter in the making.