Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend WIPs

I probably won't get much done on any of these this weekend. It's Mr. BLines' birthday tomorrow, and I will be busy cleaning and cooking all day today. Tomorrow will be church and visiting with family. Next week, I'll be loving on LMW more days than usual, since his Dad will have hip replacement surgery Tuesday. In the meantime, these things are patiently waiting for me....

Andy needs hair.

My mother made Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for her grandchildren and even left some for her great grandchildren. Unfortunately, they didn't have hair. So, Andy waits on me to give him his. I'm getting there Andy. I can only do one or two rows before the pain in my hands make me have to stop.  Annie sits by with a smirk on her face. She already has all her hair. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!!

Next, I need to add a strip around these squares before I move on to the quilt as you go method of working on this particular quilt.

I did this with little squares. Should have done the strip method but it didn't work for me for some reason. Operator error caused me to have to rip the strips apart, and I just wound up cutting all these two and a half by two and a half squares and putting them all together. I don't know if I'll ever do that again....but I might.

NICU quilting phase.

I finally got around to sandwiching this NICU quilt and am almost done with this part. Hopefully I'll find time to finish it and get to the binding part sometime this next week.

In the planning stages....

I drew this from a photo I took of the beach on my vacation in Orange Beach. I need to get it enlarged, so that I can begin working on it as an art quilt. It will be my first one.

So many things I want to do....I'll get them done... Eventually.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kittehs Finished

I finally stitched all around the kittehs and bound the quilt.

I am pretty happy at how it turned out. I only used three fabrics, and that's a first for me. I normally like to use at least four or five.

Somehow, I just felt using more would have taken away from the fun of the kitten fabric. All this yellow and green puts me in the mind of John Deere, but a baby won't know that. LOL.

I'm sandwiching another NICU quilt today, and am in the process of cutting out a third. This one will go into the canvas bag I carry them to St. Vincent's. I hope to have five or six if not more done by the middle or end of September.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey Hey Hey, Pets on Quilts Parade!

There is a really cool thing going on right now. It's called Pets on Quilts Show and those who want to participate can link to their pet inspired quilts. There is a button on the right you can click to take you there.

I'm not finished with my Kitty Quilt for the NICU, but thought I'd post it, so I can add my link. There are lots of cool prizes for anyone who leaves a comment. Quilter or no.

For those who are late to the party, I've been making baby quilts for the St. Vincent's Infirmary NICU. I found this fabric on clearance at Hancock's for $.50 a yard. I couldn't believe there was an entire roll no one had bought. When I got home with it, I pondered exactly how I wanted to use it, and decided to do kitten silhouettes on the solid pieces. The alternating squares in the nine patch are from napkins I bought at our local Goodwill type facility.

The little friends on the quilt are hand made by myself, when my son was very small. He never really played with them much, but my grandson LMW, loves them. They really wanted to check out the kittehs so I had to snap their photo before they ran back to the ark.

I still have hand stitching to do around three of the kitties, and bind it. The back is the same kitty fabric as the silhouettes.   If you want to view more Pets on Quilts, follow the links. And thanks for reading our blog!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Finally finished one UFO. One down, a zillion to go...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Finally reached 200 posts on The Seam Rippers. *grin* And it seems like I have 200 UFOs looking me in the face, every time I walk into my sewing area. Here are a few...

Working on a pillow that must be done by Sunday for a shower gift.  And the plaque that goes along with it needs some tweaking.

A Christmas gift project...shhhhh.

A NICU quilt.

I was able to get the burp cloth and bib that matches finished.

A new top for myself. I don't normally have good luck sewing clothes for myself because they never fit right. I'm using some older fabric in my stash to try it out this pattern the first time. Keeping my fingers crossed...

 There are many other things in that room that need attention. These are just at the top of the list.  This multi-tasking thing I have going on doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. *frown*

Friday, August 5, 2011

WIP Weekend

Here are three things I hope to work on this weekend.

A NICU quilt.

The tee shirt quilt.

An experiment with fabric, wood and modge podge.

I'd sure like to get these things further along. Here's hoping for a productive weekend!

The Race is On

I made this quilt, bib, and burp cloth for my dear friend's daughter. Elissa and her premature little Michael Able Hunzicker. I couldn't post it until they received it because I didn't want them to see it.

They are NASCAR fans, if you couldn't tell...

I really enjoyed making this. Hopefully the little boy will come home soon and be able to enjoy it. I used flannel for batting for the first time. Not sure if I like it yet, but it sure was easy to quilt.