Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Finish And a WIP

I finally finished J and K's quilt. I did a lot of "Seam Ripping" with it, because I am ocd about some things. If it's the best I can do, I don't worry. If I know I can do better, out it comes and a redo takes place.

I basted the thing by hand, then tried quilting on the machine. Since I didn't have a walking foot, it just didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. Gotta get me one of those. So, out those stitches came and the handwork began.

I didn't use those little tiny quilting stitches that sort of disappear. I used bold red embroidery thread. I love how that shows up. I made the binding larger than normal so the back would have a lot of contrast. And I love how the piecing on the back turned out. But....I don't think I want to do that again.

I'm glad it's finished and I hope my future daughter-in-law will enjoy it.

Now, the WIP....

This is for a little baby girl about to be born. Her bedroom is brown and pink polka dots.

I'm going to use fleece for the backing instead of a regular batting and fabric. It will be very soft and easy to carry. I got this idea from another blogger and when I find where I saved it, I'll give credit where its due.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Screen Play

This pie safe is one I remember being on my grandparents' back porch when I was a child. It was in pretty bad shape, painted an awful pinkish gray, and crammed full of odds and ends my grandfather might need some day.

It went to my mother sometime around my grandmother's passing, and my father took it, and refurbished it. He stripped it, shored it up with pieces of lumber and trim, and refinished it adding the new screen. It's a good solid piece of furniture, even with all the dings and scratches from years of being in my mother's kitchen. It came to me after her passing.

I needed a pantry, and the pie safe seemed to be the perfect solution. But, as you can see, the foodstuffs inside were not very attractive.

I decided to add fabric to the openings, but couldn't decide what fabric to use. I have a huge stash now, since I got the bulk of what Mom had, but just couldn't decide until.....

I loved this at first sight, but knew it wouldn't work for quilts or clothing. It might have made some nice pillows, but there really wasn't enough of it, and frankly, I was afraid the wear and tear on it would be hard to prevent. It seemed the perfect solution to my problem.

I measured and cut, measured and cut, and used my trusty staple gun to attach it to the inside of the cabinet.

Now I am totally in love with it! And if I ever decide to change the fabric, all it will take is a flat head screw driver and a small pair of pliers to remove it.

   Before                                                 After

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick Fill In

Just to fill time and space, here is a short project I completed in about 30 minutes yesterday.

This was a pot my Mom had in her storage room.

Now, this green could be really cool if touched up, but I wanted something different. So, this is what I did...

This pot has been outside in the weather for years. I never threw it away because I knew I'd need it some day.

Same can of paint, different outcome....It was older, more beat up and made of different material.

Looks a little rustic but that's ok. For the price of a can of paint, I have two new flower pots and pretty things in the house. Let's just hope I can keep the plants in them looking healthy.

(Disregard the dirt around the pots I tried to clean up with no success.)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIP on a Snowy Wednesday

As I keep saying, I'm still working on the quilt for J and K.  I'll be sooo glad when it's finished.

I think one problem is that I am ocd about my work.

I know it won't be perfect, and there are countless flaws, but I can't stand to leave the obvious ones.
 Another issue is that I refuse to do the norm. I think I have to get all fancy smancy with it. But, that's the 'funnest' part. 
This is my next project.....

Well, back to work......