Monday, June 13, 2016

Calling All Prayer Warriors!!!

Folks, we have a great need of prayer in my family. My great niece, Ayda Jo Grace Edgerly (a.k.a. A. J.) arrived in this world last Saturday, June 11, 2016 by emergency C-Section. Her mother, Maegan, was minutes away from death, due to sudden onset of Pre-Eclampsia.

A.J. is three months early, and weighs only 1 lb. and 6 oz., but she is a fighter.
Her chances are better than we expected but she has a long road ahead of her. She can't leave the hospital until she weighs 4.5 lbs, and that will probably take three months.  This first week is critical for her prognosis and we are praying there is no bleeding in her little brain.

We have witnessed a sequence of events (which I won't go into detail about here) that has proven to us that God DOES exist and He DOES hear our prayers.  There is no other explanation for both Maegan and A.J. to be alive.

Maegan has improved so much, that she may be released from the hospital today.  She has a long road ahead as well, living about 40 minutes from the hospital and having a toddler to take care of as well. She's gonna need all hands on deck for time to come.

If you are a believer, please help us pray that everything works out as we would wish, and that A.J. improves daily. If you aren't a believer, please consider the possibility that God is real. We have proof!!!  Remember to pray for Ryan, A.J.'s Daddy as he tries to support his little family at work, while wanting desperately to be at the hospital.