Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Big and Little

I've been making headway on a big project, and also getting some little projects finished.
First the Big.

This is how far I am on the denim mosaic back for two memory quilts. I have four or five big panels like this done.
But I also have all these small sections yet to join. It's like piecing a puzzle. I still hope to have both done by Christmas. I think I'll make it.
In between working on that, I have been doing some quick little jobbers. These jammies for one of my BFF's grandsons.
Some jammies for my LMW.
And then a quick little paper pieced bird, just for a change of pace and stress reliever. He was fun to make!
Now to get on with more work. I'd love to finally be in a place where I didn't have something bearing down on my shoulders and I could just sew for fun. Maybe after Christmas..... I can dream.

Friday, October 18, 2013

March of the Toy Soldiers

Christmas is fast approaching and I finally am getting around to repainting some soldiers my Mom created a few years ago. I intended to do this last year and just never got around to it.
This is one of the before pics. Mom taught herself how to use my Dad's wood working tools after he died. She did a good job too. I sometimes miss my band saw.
This is my after. They just need some sprucing up, as they look a little weary.
LMW helped me a bit. He worked on one, while I worked on the other. Here is his masterpiece.
I'm not sure, but I think he may need a little more tweaking.

I can't believe it's so soon till Christmas. It sneaks up on me earlier and earlier every year! I'd best get busy!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yes, Your Honor

My friend Snoodles at Lilypad Quilting issued a challenge to all quilters. Prove you are one!

I state my case.
Exhibit A: Quilt Ladder in my sewing room.
Exhibit B: Quilt rack behind vintage sewing machine in my sewing room.
Exhibit C: Yet another quilt rack in my sewing room.
Exhibit D: Master bedroom quilt.
Exhibit E: Man Cave quilt.

I rest my case.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Learning and Enjoying the Process

Since I bought my new sewing machine, I've been glued to the thing. I am really enjoying the process of learning. And so far, I haven't messed anything up so badly that it can't be used. (OH I hope I didn't just jinx myself!)

Here are a few things I've played around doing.

 (Can you tell we are Arkansas Razorback fans?)

I knew I would enjoy being able to embroider and monogram, but I had no idea how much!!

One thing I learned the hard way, was that the cut away stabilizer I purchased at the sewing machine store, is not working well for me. Gonna have to find something better. (Even if the lady who gave me a lesson said it was what I needed....)

I'm working on some Christmas gifts now. Nope, can't show ya, just in case the recipient(s) checks in here.

Bea Blocks 9 and 10

We're in the home stretch with Beaquilter's Sampler Quilt Along. These two blocks didn't give me much trouble since I opted to do paper piecing on both of them.
I did make the star twice because my printer didn't print it out the correct size the first time. I was just going to add a border to it and call it done, but I decided I didn't like one of the colors I used. So, I did it over and am much happier with it.
I've done a pp house before, and I think I blogged about it. This one came together without any trouble whatsoever. The other one I had a bit of trouble with for some reason. It's always something, you know?
The next installment will be the last two blocks and putting the borders on. I'm looking forward to finishing this up.