Monday, April 15, 2013

For Robert the IV

Here is a set I put together for a friend of mine who is expecting her first grandchild this summer. He is the 4th Robert in his family and his Mom, Dad, and grandparents are die hard Patriots fans.
I always have a ball putting these sets together.  This one was especially fun!! The onesie even has a number 4 on the back. They are all ready for game day!!

Where I Work

I did  a little rearranging and organizing yesterday afternoon. My sewing space just didn't seem to be working for me as well as I thought it should, so I started moving things around to see if I could use the space more efficiently.
I have to use our guest bedroom, so the bed is a must. I started by shifting the headboard around to the right, with the bed facing the doorway.
I then moved my monstrous fabric cabinet from the far corner, to the wall where the door is. That was where my dresser was originally. It's really big too. (There's too much large furniture in this room....but we do what we have to don't we?)
After doing that, I realized I didn't have a place for my sewing machine. So my only option was to put it in the middle of the room. And it worked out perfectly!
I can look out the window at my bird feeders, see who is coming into the hall, and best of all, put my cutting table right beside me to save steps! What could be better?
 I even have my laptop right behind me to look at patterns and tutorials. I'm digging it. It also gives me some more wall space to hang a small quilt or two when I get to it. 

A little repurposing was done with this little basket thingy.

Can you guess where it came from? My old dishwasher. It's absolutely perfect for holding my scissors, pens,  lotion and odds and ends. I'm thinking of hanging it on the wall beside my chair. 

I love when a plan comes together!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bea's Quilt Along Finale

I finally put it all together and added my own touch to the borders. The original design wasn't as large as I like my quilts, so I added more to it.
I learned so much from this project. And I love the design so much, I'm thinking of making another one... but not until I get some UFOs finished. Thank you Beaquilter for leading us on this journey! It takes a lot of time and effort to write a tutorial and quilt along.

My friend Janice and I want to do another quilt along now!! We just need to find one we both love the look and idea of.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


This is a little quilt I made for my daughter-in-law's niece Harper, for her first birthday next month. I spent more time on this baby quilt than I have ever spent before and I'm so happy with the result.
I did several different decorative stitches on the seams, and a ton of straight line and meandering quilting. K chose the fabrics and the style of quilt.
The ruffle was the most time intensive thing, but I love the look of it. I was even able to square it all up well enough to do a little something different on the back. I sometimes have trouble with that.
K and I are both pretty pleased with it. Now, if I can just get my other deadline projects finished!!! Two other quilts need to be finished by the end of April.....

April BOM

Here are the paper pieced blocks Janice and I did for April.
This wasn't supposed to be a chickadee. *grin* But I altered it to make it one. This was the third one I did. The first two didn't make me happy.

Here is Janice's bird. It's much brighter in color. I love it.
Since we always end up making two blocks for each month, this was the second one I did.
April showers bring May flowers....I got my bright in on this one. Heh heh. My only disappointment is that the pattern in the sky is off a bit in the right triangle. I didn't realize it until it was too late. I'm going to keep it though.

I've already done one for May but will wait until then to post it.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Scariest Thing I've Ever Done

Before I explain, let me request up front that you not laugh. Because when I really think about it, I do realize it's kind of silly to be afraid. I am however, a very insecure person at heart and terrible when it comes to "putting myself out there." Sooo, here's what I did......

I created a facebook page totally dedicated to my crafting, sewing, and painting. I agonized over it for months. Prayed, prayed, and prayed some more. I felt God telling me not to open an actual home based business, but to just put what I do out there and take any orders I feel comfortable with. It's still so very hard for me.

I named it Seams to B Creations.  I came up with that, after much going back and forth in my head and feedback from two of my closest friends. My daughter even told me how to create a unique header.
Let me tell you how hard this is...Just this morning, I posted only two photos of things I have on hand and would gladly sell. And ever since I hit the "publish" button, I have been overcome with a huge, red, nervous rash. Oy.

I got 50+ likes in the first day. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and humility. That part was exciting!

It has begun for me, and I ask that you keep me in your prayers. I'm a mess but I'm sure with God's help, I'll find peace with it eventually.

Thank you my friends!