Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From Dresser to Desk ---The Hard Way

I inherited this dresser from my Mom. I had been thinking about buying a dresser to repurpose into a desk, and use the mirror for a trendy bathroom piece. This was just the thing.

I failed to take a photo of the before, but this is pretty much how it looked. Except up close you could see the 30+ years of hairspray built up on it. Here is the mirror unattached.

I used some household cleaner and tried to scrap the hairspray off. Fail. So, I used some mineral spirits and scraped and sanded.

Tried staining it after that. Fail. It was gummy, tacky, pretty much yucky.

So, enter the paint stripper and more scraping, more sanding. I was about to get upset folks. But, I kept going and finally got it to a point where I thought I could paint the the thing. And paint it I did.  FIVE coats of white paint. Two of which were primer, but the stain color still bled through. I just kept plugging away until I didn't see any brown (actually it looked pink) show through. I put one light coat of dark walnut stain on the top, then two coats of poly.

 After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the paint and the poly dried and I was able to bring it inside the house from the garage. I set up my computer beside it, put the monitor on top and found a chair more befitting the lovely, than the black leather desk chair. But, something just wasn't right......

So, I added a cushion to the chair, and a pleated piece of fabric to the knee well to cover all the cords. Voila!! My new computer desk/workstation.  The only thing missing now, is a nice desk lamp and some wall art. That will be my next project.



Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're Ok!

There was a very sweet blogger who checked on me today. We live in Arkansas and tornadoes were all around us yesterday, and she wanted to make sure I was ok. They missed us completely thank the good Lord.

Thanks for checking on me Donna!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP and Finish Wednesday

Worked all afternoon yesterday on stripping this thing. I'm afraid there may still be places with a little gunk, but I intend to so a little light sanding and try the paint tomorrow.

All the curves and indentions in this thing are where the gunk lives. I've scraped it so hard in some places, I've taken wood away. So, I'm going to go for it with white paint on the bottom and try to stain the top again. If there are some dark places where the paint doesn't stick, I think it just may add some character. And if I can ever get to the paint store, I intend to get some glaze to antique it anyway.

And then last night, I finished this baby quilt I'm starting my ministry with. I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

I just pulled the backing up and over for the binding. Sure made it easy.

If I'm not commenting on all my May For Me partners, it's because I'm trying to stay off the computer more and do more constructive things. I know I'm missing some good posts, but I'll catch up girls. I can't stay away long or I go into withdrawal.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trashy Work

Since I am redecorating my bedroom and bathroom in aqua, white and brown, my red, green and pink Calla Lily theme just doesn't fit in. So, I needed a new trash can for my bathroom. This is what I had...

A little worse for the wear, but I just loved it. Everytime I would go into the bathroom, I would just look at the beautiful lilies. But, it had to go, as bad as I hated it. So, here's what I did. First I spray painted it flat white.

Then I took good old Modge Podge and coated the entire thing, and wrapped fabric around it. I also coated the fabric with the MP. I was afraid it wouldn't stick, but it did.  The inside was a mess from years of abuse, and I painted it out with dark aqua.

To cover up the beaten up top, I braided jute, and hot glued it on. Voila!! I have a brand new trash bin. But, it's not going in the bathroom, because I don't want it to be abused again. It will be for my computer desk and will only hold discarded papers.  No wet wipes and no hair spray residual...

Dresser Fail

I spent hours sanding and scraping this dresser I inherited from my Mom, and I thought all I'd have to do was clean it up. I want to use it as a computer desk, so I can replace the huge armoire I thing I use now. When I started cleaning, I found about 30 or 40 years of hairspray built up on it. In trying to remove that, I realized it was removing the varnish too.

So, I scraped and sanded, scraped and sanded until I was exhausted and sore. I thought I had it all taken care of, and proceeded to stain....

You see those shiny places? Well, that's where I still didn't get all the varnish off, and those places are tacky and gunky. Curses! Foiled again!  I started scraping them again, and realized it was just too monumental a task to not use some kind of heavy remover. So, to Walmart I go today to buy paint remover.

My original thoughts were to leave it all stained, without a varnish or poly. Now, I'm thinking since I've got to remove every bit of everything, I might as well paint it. Stay tuned as I figure out exactly what I will do. I REALLY wanted to have it done by the weekend, but looks like the weekend will be spent working on it instead.

Monday, May 9, 2011

We Have a Winner

This morning LMW chose the winner of the fat quarter giveaway.

This is the prize.

LMW took his job as chooser very seriously.

And the name he drew out of the bowl is


Sharon said: 
"Happy birthday!
I love the fabric, I am doing a quilt-a-long in these colors."
Congratulations Sharon!! Email me with your mailing information and I'll get the fabric out to you as soon as possible!

Thanks to everyone who entered and made my very first giveaway so fun!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

While the Gettin' Is Good

I'm here for the moment, "while the gettin' is good" as we say in the south. My monitor is a little hit and miss at present and could go out on me at any time. I promise I will fulfill the giveaway if I do lose it.

Now, I will show you how much I've done on the Irish Chain "Modification" Quilt, as I think of it.

As you may can tell, I added fabric in strips to the top part, giving me enough to fold under and over the pillows. Then I appliqued the squares I had left to one of the strips. I like how it turned out.

All I have left to do, is to add a border, to lengthen the sides and bottom just a bit. I've got it laid on top of the quilt in this photo, to show me how much I need to add. I'll be very glad when it's finished, but it won't get done until after the party this weekend. I'm not going to stress over it any longer.

For a little fun and destressing yesterday, I put these two little items together.

They will go toward my new ministry idea. I will share what I'm planning in a post a little later on. It's one of my May For Me projects.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Birthday And a Giveaway

It's my grandson's first birthday! Where has the time gone?

LMW received a new wagon. You think he likes it? There's video on B Lines if you want to check that out.

He and I discussed it, and we decided in honor of his first birthday, we would have a first giveaway. Since Memorial Day and Independence Day are coming up, we'd give away some red and blue fat quarters from Nanna's stash.

There are seven fat quarters but two of them are the same. The blue with stars isn't quite 18 x 22, so we added a whole 'nother one to the stack.

The birthday boy and I are hoping you can use it for something fun and patriotic and all you have to do is leave a comment. Remember to leave me an email address if you have that no-reply thingy or don't have a blog.

I'll announce a winner on Monday, May 9th. Good luck!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finish and Frustration

I finally finished my Lily's Quilt's Little Big George QAL. It's really been done for a while, but I made it into a sham and had to find the time to make the pillow to go inside. Crazy.

It will now sit on my bed. *happy face*

As soon as LMW's big day is over, I plan to finish the quilt for this bed. So much to do and so little time.

And I've been frustrated with the Irish Chain. It started out so easy. And it really was until I accidentally put the quilt as you go squares together a little wrong. I didn't keep referring to my diagram and put too many rows across and that left me missing five squares. I had no choice but to take off the extra three, but I brainstormed God gave me some ideas.

The part that will fold over the pillows is all its own design. And I was able to put the extra squares to use. I'm glad of that, but every time I think I have it whipped, I see a blaring error and have to get out my trusty seam ripper.

I think I'm almost at the stage now where I can put on the last of the sashing around the edges. Oh please let it be so. I really want to finish this before the party on Saturday. It was because I wanted it to be pretty on the bed. Now, I just want to have the stress of it over by then....