Thursday, March 7, 2013

March BOM

I've had this done for a while now. I just can't help but jump ahead when I'm having so much fun!!
This was pretty easy and I love how it turned out. I also did a second one that has been on the blog for a couple or three weeks now.
A simple applique with some decorative stitching.

Here is Janice's, my BOM partner's block.
She also did an applique, but I somehow missed saving that one. I don't think she was all fired up about it though, as it was her first stab at machine applique.
Here is Janice's shamrock applique block. She did it again and was happier with it. I'm glad she let me share it with you.

Today will be nice and sunny and the temps are beginning to warm up. It's supposed to be in the 70s Saturday. A far cry from you folks up in the north with your wicked snow storms. Be safe my friends!!


  1. Whooo hoooo! Gorgeous blocks, my friend! Great job. :)

  2. Love the link blocks - how cool will that quilt be.