Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pink Toile Headband

My mother-in-law gave me a bunch of fabric scraps the other day and there was a very small amount of this adorable pink toile...perfect for making this headband. I have an oddly-shaped head and have a hard time finding any that fit or that won't slide off the back of my head. So far, this hasn't slid off yet. However, the next one I make will be skinnier where the fabric meets the ponytail holder. The ponytail holder is really what makes this fit so well. That, and the fact that I measured my head's circumference. Haha. (21-1/2 inches)

If anyone wants one of these, they are so simple. Just send me your measurements and if you want a particular fabric, you don't have to have very much. My measurements were about 20 inches x 10 inches, to allow for some cutting and perfecting. Just let me know! Oh, and you'll need some coated ponytail holders...the kind without any metal on it.

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