Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coupon Holder

I've been working on this coupon organizer (PDF) for a few days. Cutting out the fabric and putting it together took awhile, but it wasn't hard at all. And I'm very pleased with the coordination of my fabric, which were scraps. However, working with bias tape is horrible. Even with that cool video tutorial, I couldn't get it to look right. The inside looks good, on the side I sewed it, but the underneath (which is the outside of the holder) looks awful. I can't figure out how to get it even.

I also added interfacing. The pattern didn't call for it but I felt that the holder would be flimsy, and it still is even with the interfacing. I wonder if cardboard or something similar would work well inside. I wish I was skilled enough to modify the pattern to make it without the bias tape. Maybe I can eventually.

Anyway, here at the pictures. My camera doesn't do well up-close and these were the best I could get.


  1. It shouldn't be hard to modify. And you could always add ric-rack for an extra zing instead of the binding.

  2. Yeah, putting ric-rack might work. It's just that the edges are raw otherwise. I've seen other pictures of this same pattern and people have made their own binding and it looks much better. I just don't know if I'm that skilled yet.

  3. The binding is what I don't want. I have seen them without it and I'm wanting to do it like that. Trial and error I guess.

  4. Your coupon organizer is so cute.

    I never use cardboard as a stiffener in my projects which I may want to wash when they become soiled because the cardboard will disintegrate in the water. Instead I use Mylar which is the material that is used to make stencils. You can get it at most craft stores or craft departments. It is very easy to cut with scissors and is washable. Usually I handwash any item that I stiffen by using Mylar. I think machine washing is too hard on it.

    It might be worth a try with your organizer.