Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Per Your Request

I made this bag last night. Several of you knew I was doing it and asked me to post pictures. So, here they are. The pattern is from Simplicity New Look (#6574) and is the bag in the bottom left corner.

I have the hardest time reading patterns. The instructions seem to me as if they don't match the diagrams. And what they call the different sides always sound the same. I couldn't figure out which side was the bag front, the front facing, the bag back, and bag back facing. It all sounds the same to me!!! And what seems to take the longest with me is cutting, pinning, and figuring out the instructions. I spent FIVE hours on this bag last night. It should have taken maybe an hour and a half but I kept having to read Step 4 over and over and over.

The material I used is from a Waverly Home top sheet that I no longer have use for. I have always loved the pretty pattern of the material and decided that I wouldn't be wasting it if I created some "practice" projects. I had some white fabric that I used for the liner. The pattern said to use the same material inside and out, but I like contrasting liner f
abric and therefore used the white. The thread I have is kind of crappy. I don't know why but it seemed very fragile. I did have to use the seam ripper more times than I care to admit and it made it easy to take the thread out, but I don't know how well it will hold up.

Finished bag

I had a problem with the stitching on the handle because I had to sew it together on the inside and by the time I turned the bag right side out, I realized there was a problem but didn't feel like going back because I had already had enough problems. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

The inside lining.

I think it's so cute! I just wish the handle was stitched better. Oh, and for some reason the front side of one of the handles and the back side of the same handle didn't end up the same width; so, they don't exactly match up. Oh, well. I guess it gives it character.


  1. character is always a fantastic thing for something to have!

  2. I still have issues with stuff like the handle, even after all these years. You have to hold your mouth right and hope for the best....

  3. Very cute-I wish I could do stuff like that. I suck with a sewing machine lol!!

  4. I have had this pattern for a long time and haven't made it yet. I really like the style. I am loving your blog. It is in my Google Reader now :)

  5. Thanks, Sarah! And everyone.