Saturday, August 22, 2009

Personalized Book Bag

Recently I purchased a canvas bag, with the intention of personalizing it. I wanted something to carry my Bible and various other items on Sundays. Without going into too many details, I'll try to explain my process.
I wanted a monogram in a celtic pattern, so I surfed the web for a font I liked, saved and printed it. Then I painstakingly cut out all the little spaces, to use as a stencil of sorts.

Here you see the blocks of color I laid on first for a smoother surface to work on. This is the side that has three pockets sewn on the side for those little things like keys, lip gloss and pens.
I blocked in the letters with black first, then laid the celtic knot pattern over them and traced with my brush tip. It was a long and detailed process but I took my time and enjoyed the intricacy of it.

On the opposite side, I added a celtic cross pattern in the same shades of brown, cream and black, using a larger pattern I cut from stiff paper. Since it was larger, I was able to use a pencil to trace around it, and that made it much easier.
When the base coat was dry, I added highlight and details. When all was dry, I heat set with an iron, being sure to use a thin cloth over the paint, so it wouldn't melt on to the iron, and smear across the bag. As I stated in an earlier post, I plan to study the construction of the bag, and recreate it with a different fabric.