Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pillow Project

Since I don't have anything new to add in the sewing department, I thought I'd share a photo of the pillows I made back in June of this year. If I had known we would have this blog, I would have documented the process. Since I didn't, I will at least show you how they turned out.

The original pillows were the same color as the sofa on one side, and had a tapestry scene of leopards on the other. I've seen that fabric in stores, so you may know what it looked like.

I went to Material World in Hot Springs, and found this fabric for a very good price. I was very excited, not only because of the price, but because it had the exact green of my sofa in the pattern.

Later, I found a backing fabric that I liked at Walmart for about the same price. I wanted something neutral and the chenille worked for me. To recycle and reuse, I took the 9 year old packed stuffing out of the old pillows, painstakingly separated it, and used it to stuff the new pillows. So, the cost of stuffing was minimal. The total cost for four large pillows, one small decorative pillow and two standard pillow shams, was approximately $15.00.


  1. Not bad. I tried to use that fabric the other day to make a little cell phone holder and it was not easy to work with. It shredded. I guess it's better suited for bigger projects.

  2. If you have to handle it much, as with intricate projects, it would fray. If you want to try again, try zig-zagging the edges before you begin putting it all together. That might help. I was thinking it would look good on a wallet of some kind.