Monday, September 2, 2013

How I Labored On Labor Day 2013

We never do anything special for Labor Day, so it was just another day here at my house. A little housework, some work on a memory quilt and a dress for my little Klaire were my labors today. I think the dress turned out very sweet.
It's called the Lucy Dress and I got the pattern here. So another job on my list gets a check mark. Yay Me!!

Tomorrow is LMW day, but Wednesday I should have the sashing done for one side of one of the memory quilts. The front side is tee shirts and the back side jeans bordered with plaid shirts. I think it will be one of a kind and I hope it will be comforting to the recipient.

Did you labor today???


  1. So cute! I really like all the extra stitching. We'll need a picture of LMK in her new dress!

    No. No laboring today unless running errands counts. ;)

  2. What a darling dress! I finished emptying my sewing room and bedroom in preparation for new floors being put in today. I'm exhausted! Blessings, Marlene