Friday, September 27, 2013

Product Review: Quilt Mate Pro

Hello all! I've decided that I want to do a product review. I've never done one before, and I am not being compensated for this review whatsoever. It's just that I came across a lovely little tool that has been a big help to me as I quilt and sew, and I wanted to share it with you.

This is the Quilt Mate Pro. It claims to be a "Quilter's best friend".
It holds your tablet for you while you sew (or cook). It will clamp to a table or desk and you can twist it any way you want for viewing. Leaves your hands free for other things as well as table top space.
This is how I have it set up in my sewing room.
If I don't need to watch a tutorial, I listen to music. I can stop and check email on the spot, search out something, or take a photo/video of what I'm working on. I LOVE IT!

It holds my tablet securely and I don't have to worry at all about it falling out. Everything is cushioned so there are no marks on my tablet or my table even though I was afraid at first about that, so I put a little buffer under the top part.

 I use it pretty much every time I sit down at the machine and I can attest to the fact that it is this "quilter's best friend". So, I give it Five out of Five stars.


  1. I could see how that could come in very handy. ;)

  2. Did you buy this from the link you gave? Just wondering where you got it. Blessings, Marlene