Monday, September 23, 2013

Playing With My New Toy

I have an appointment for a lesson on my new Brother SB7500 sewing machine Wednesday of this week. (tomorrow) I've been "piddling" with it just to see what I can remember from the short instructional I received when I bought it. What fun!!

This is what I did yesterday afternoon. I doubt I did it correctly, but who's gonna know?
It's not a fancy smancy high dollar monogram and embroidery machine, so I'll have to do things a little differently, but it will work well for Klaire's my needs.
I spent quite a bit of time online last night looking at ideas for Onesies. So many ideas, so little time!!

Yesterday I also thought I'd finished my Deck-Ade the Halls quilt along top. And if I wasn't so picky, I could say I actually did, but.....
I'm not digging the corners. I intended to miter the border but lacked about six inches having enough of the fabric to do that. I did it this way and I just can't feel good about the white that jumps out, breaking up the red in the border. I do have a tiny bit of it left, (what I cut off the sides to attach the bottom and top) so what I'm thinking is, to applique a piece of it from the end of the red on the sides, to the red on the bottom. Think that will work??

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  1. Glad you are happier with this new machine. I would put cornerstones in the final border. Then it will all be symetrical and less like a patch. It is pretty border fabric.