Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Redo and Redo....

For my birthday last week, SR and I ran over to Hot Springs to do a little flea market browsing and eat some lunch.  We found a little run down building that had some good looking stuff out front, so we took a chance and stopped in. I didn't expect much, but MAN OH MAN! That place was packed to the ceiling with cool stuff. All things vintage...anything you can think of...

I climbed a set of rickety stairs and my gaze swept across the stacks of tables and chairs. Then...I spotted something interesting... I took a closer look...This is what I spied.
Solid wood, solid in construction, needing a little tlc, drop leaf table. And unlike most flea markets, the price was extremely reasonable! I motioned for the hubs to come over and take a look see. He agreed it was worthy of purchase and so we negotiated with the proprietor, then loaded this bad boy up in my little Hyundai Tucson.
I'm not a professional by any means, but I'm not a novice when it comes to refinishing a piece of furniture, This one had me scratching my head. I even read up on how to do it before I began. I sanded and wiped down then stained it with what I felt was a reasonably matching stain color. The legs were fine, so I didn't touch them. This is what resulted.
Well, I'd call this a fail. It was really ugly. IF you owned a rustic shed type house, it MIGHT work, but not for my sewing room. I intended it for a cutting table.
Even if I liked the look, it was so gummy, there was no way I could use it without getting stain gunk on everything, sooooo....I wiped it down well with mineral spirits and did a little more light sanding. Then I got out the Kiltz. Primed it well. I didn't like the simple white look to it, didn't have a can of white paint, only the primer, so I started sanding again. I used probably 10 or more little sheets of sandpaper on my palm sander. But I got that thing as smooth as a baby's bottom. And then....

I distressed it.
In the words of Phil Robertson, I'm happy happy happy.
It's nice and smooth, no gunk anywhere and it's going to match other things in my sewing room. Which, by the way I'm still working on. I hope to have it completed soon and I will share the before and after of that, but at present, other projects are demanding my attention.

No things marked off my list either. Oh bother well. LOL!!


  1. I really like this table! I have been looking for something like this too for the sewing room. You really made it look great!!

  2. If it's smooth as a baby's bottom and you're 'happy, happy, happy', then it all turned out really well! That and it's pretty. ;)

  3. If it's smooth as a baby's bottom and you're 'happy, happy, happy', then it all turned out really well! That and it's pretty. ;)