Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Cheated

And I am not usually a cheater. Almost never. (I am not perfect so I can't honestly say never)
These are my two blocks for the blocks five and six installment of Beaquilter's Sampler BOM.
How did I cheat? Well...for one, the monkey wrench/snail trail was supposed to be done by pieces and it was supposed to be four instead of one.

 I was pressed for time, running behind and after failing at putting them together twice, I opted for the larger paper pieced version and went with that.

The pinwheel was supposed to be done with strips and a paper square for the stripes. I just dug out a piece of striped fabric and gott'r done. I hope I don't receive a reprimand from the teacher. :/

At least I did them!!


  1. you know you should follow directions..... hmmm....
    just kidding, they look great:)

  2. It's not cheating - it is being smart. The Monkey wrench is just the block you made - that's the component. And using a stripe certainly works for me.

  3. I'm doing that same quilt-along with Bea and I like your short cuts. I wish you had posted them before I did mine the "other" way.

  4. It's all Greek to me. They're pretty no matter what you did. Beautiful, crisp points!

  5. That's not cheating - that's smart! blessings, marlene