Tuesday, September 4, 2012

National Sewing Month

I'm told September is National Sewing Month. This is wonderful news, as it gives me a good excuse reason to sew every day. I have several projects in mind and in the works as you can see here.
Here on the bed (my design wall...LOL) I have six projects waiting to be finished. I am going to list them, and hopefully keep the list updated as I go along day by day.

1. Christmas wall hanging
2. Postage Stamp Quilt
3. Burp cloths for a baby shower
4. Enlarging my convergence quilt
5. Quilting a NICU quilt
6. Embroidering panels I colored with crayons for a baby quilt
(7. Possibly putting the panels together for the quilt if September doesn't run out of days)
I'm trying to piece the postage stamp quilt completely by hand. I'm in the home stretch now but think I will quilt it on the machine in strips as I go, instead of trying to maneuver the whole thing on the machine at one time. I'm not sure how exactly to quilt it, but I'll figure it out. If anyone has a good suggestion on that, I would be interested to hear them.
I normally make burp cloths from start to finish with fabric and batting, but decided to take the easy route this time since I'm in a time crunch. The baby shower is this coming Sunday.

I still need to get backing for the NICU quilt, and figure out exactly how I want to enlarge the convergence quilt. I wasn't able to find more of each fabric and will have to rethink what I had planned.
Sew, as you can see, I have my work cut out for me and sew I should get off this blog and back to work.

Happy Sewing!!


  1. I am going to try to find a few moments to sew every day! After our first day of school today with the temp at 90 deg. with no AC in my classroom. I was thinking of sewing when I arrived home!!

  2. Holy smokes! How do you do it all??? Love the bumble bee fabric and can't wait to see the postage stamp quilt.