Thursday, September 6, 2012

Making Progress in September

I've been able to catch a few minutes or longer every day so far.
The Postage Stamp quilt is finally taking shape.
Baby gift only needs some velcro at the top. I put some in my buggy yesterday at Walmart and when I got home, realized a little munchkin had thrown it out and I didn't get home with it. Mr. LMW (alias Grabby McGrabberson) loves throwing my things out of the cart when I'm not looking.
Some (a lot actually) fmq on my Christmas panel. My machine does not like this. The front always looks pretty good, but the back looks like the tension is wrong. And I've done everything I know to correct this. I have come to the conclusion that it simply does not like to do fmq on larger pieces. Bummer.

I also purchased backing and batting for a quilt top my cousin asked me to finish for him, and I will begin that process Saturday. In the meantime, I'll do a little more on the Postage Stamp, add velcro, and work on the panel again. Every day...a little at a September.


  1. A little every day is good - it will all add up in the end. Gosh, I got a Christmas panel somewhere - what a quick finish.

  2. OK. Tardo here has to ask...what is "fmq"? Everything looks so pretty!