Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vintage Nine Patch

I finally finished quilting the vintage 9 patch my cousin asked me to put together for him. It was one his grandmother pieced years ago before she passed. And she's been gone countless years now.
I think she must have planned to put another row of blocks on the other end, because there's one row of squares and it sort of throws the whole thing off a little, but I still thinks it's lovely.
It was a bit of a challenge due to the fact that some of her squares weren't quite square, if you know what I mean. I wound up with several folds and puckers that I just couldn't smooth out, especially around the edges. I don't think my cousin will mind though. He will be happy to have it done.
I backed it with something calm with a small print, so it would sort of blend in with the vintage fabrics. I also found some vintage fabric my mother had and I used that for the binding. I was tickled to come up with that.

I believe it's the largest quilt I've done so far, but I enjoyed it very much!!


  1. Oh, a lovely memory quilt. Some mix of 30's & 40's fabrics there and maybe some 50's.

  2. Beautiful quilt top and you did a super job of finishing it. The backing and binding look like they were meant to go with the top all along! Some of the fabric looks sooo familiar.