Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wins and Losses

The last few days have been both good and bad. I'm still getting in some sewing time every day for National Sewing Month and that's good. But, my latest project, not so much.
I saw on Linda's blog an easy tutorial on a giant star quilt. I thought it would be good for a baby quilt, if I cut the squares down a few inches and I used some fat quarters I won from The Intrepid Thread a while back.
  It was a good idea, but for some reason, I was not able to get all the points and corners lined up just right.
I really did take my time on it, and was extra vigilant in corners and meeting up seams and such. But for some reason, the sewing fairy didn't seem fit to make all that work out just right. When I add the narrow border, it will mess up at least one of the points on the star...loss...
but, I'm going ahead with it anyway. If I am really unhappy with it when it's finished, I'll just hold on to it for future babies here at my house.....which brings me to good news...

My son and his wife are expecting my second grandchild in April. Wooo Hoo!!!! I'm so excited. My first purchase is this...
They are both Arkansas Razorback fanatics!! I couldn't resist. It will be a while before we know the gender, but these are for either.  Win!!

Another win for me came yesterday from my sweet mother-in-law. She went through some of her clutter and found some books she thought I would like to have. Talk about hitting the jackpot!!
These are the ones I really dig. There were two or three others that were very outdated and I couldn't find anything in them that I would actually do, so I put them away and I'll focus on these.  I'm especially excited about the quilting books as I haven't really done any traditional quilts yet. I'm thinking about trying one or two in these books.

That's it for this Tuesday post but, please remember my friend Tonya in your prayers. She and her husband are going through some serious heath issues and they need our support. Thanks!!

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  1. LOVE the star quilt! The colors are crazy pretty. Funny too. I just recorded the Quilt in a Day lady doing a star quilt. I would never even attempt it, but it's fun to watch her whip one out! I wouldn't worry it's not perfect. It just makes it all the more special. So...how long til you make a baby Razorback quit? Just out of curiosity, can you get Razorback fabric in pink?