Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Hear Something....

 What was that? Please repeat yourself....
That's what I though you said!

This is what I worked on finishing up today. I really wanted this little area above my desk finished so I could focus on other things.
I finished painting the board today. I saw something like it while perusing beach cottages online one day and decided to do one for myself. I added the shells and starfish to make it my own. I have to say I'm pretty pumped at how it turned out.
I thought about doing the master bedroom entirely in a beach motif, but decided Mr. BLines wouldn't really love it as much, so I will stick to this one area along with my "Swimming Sea Turtle" colored walls. I finished painting the bedroom and bathroom this week. When I get everything just so, I'll share the before and after photos with everyone.


  1. Just lovely - you do beautiful work. A little bit of the sea shore in your space.

  2. Now you can see your sea everyday; it's very pretty.

  3. Ahh, another lover of the sea...I share your fascination with the ocean. My fav getaway. I'm bookmarking this post, 'cos I really like what you have done, and I might make one for my house!! Heehee!