Saturday, February 25, 2012

Christmas in February

Here is my monthly installment of what I call Twelve Months of Christmas. Well, at least it's my second installment. Who knows if I come up with more?? Anyhoo, let's revisit my inspiration ornament, purchased at Cracker Barrel.

L O V E it!!  Now, here is the first attempt at something along these lines.

It's a little quilted circle with an appliqued Chickadee and holly. A bit of embroidery and some jewels add to the simple design. The back is the same fabric, one I just pulled out of the cabinet because it was neutral.  I tried adding some Diamond Dust, but it really didn't add anything to the black part.  It was not a big hit, but will be put on the tree anyway. Neeext...

Mucho Better!! Here's what I did. I took a small embroidery hoop and muslin, and painted the design on. I added little pearly beads for dimension, and a bit of glitter acrylic paint to the word Joy. I painted the hoop white around the edges, hot glued rick rack on the top and sides of it, and then added the little bow with some do-dads I bought on clearance at Walmart after Christmas. This is the back...

Just a round cut of green fabric to give it a finished look. This one I am very happy with. And it gives me another idea for using the little hoops. Maybe that will be next month's idea!