Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pillow Finish

 It seems like forever since I actually finished a project.

I originally started out planning to add a bright yellow ruffle around the flower, but after much aggravation working with it, I threw that out. I'm thinking it looks better without it anyway and would have made it too busy. This way, you can really see the quilting and the rose.

I just took the orange fabric, cut it into strips, and twisted it in a circular pattern. I tacked it as I went and decided to add the green for the leaves as an afterthought. And because I wanted to make it unique, I added some little beads here and there.

I quilted the pillow itself in a circular pattern. I used a bowl as a starting point, and used a watercolor pencil to mark where I wanted the stitching to go. I sewed it together wrong side to wrong side, and added the green trim like quilt binding.  I'm very pleased at how it turned out and relieved that I finally finished it.

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  1. Now that is very clever as well as beautiful! Oh, how our kitchen helps with templates - use my dishes for circles all the time.

  2. That is so cute, and I love yellow and blue!

  3. I love pillows!! That's a very clever idea to use a bowl to make your quilting lines.

  4. Love your pillow...I shared it on my FB page tonight! Thanks for sharing!!