Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I'm finally seeing the light. I'm in the home stretch of finishing three UFOs and it feels so good. Of course I still have others, but these have a deadline.

First, a graduation gift for one of my nephews. He will be attending the University of Arkansas this coming fall.
I also have a canvas I'm going to paint for him.

Second, I'm getting ready to quilt this bad boy.
It is a graduation gift for my other nephew. The pattern is Arkansas Crossroads. I'm excited to see the finale on this one.

Third, I still have finishing touches to put on a baby gift set, but that will be done today, and then I'll move to the quilt.

I wish I had all my UFOs in this state of doneness. I guess I'll always have them though. Doesn't everyone?


  1. Oooh! Can't wait to see the quilt. You know something called Arkansas 'Crossroads' is going to get my attention. ;)

  2. Good for you - remember to take a break and do something for you!