Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whoooo Are You?

Who who...who who.... Can you hear Roger Daughtry? :P Had to do that folks, sorry.
This little thing popped into my head one night when I couldn't sleep.
So, I got up to draw him before he left me. I was determined to create something with this graphic and thought on it for quite some time. A quilt? Nah, not right now. An applique for a shirt? Maybe in a little while. Ah Ha! A pillow.

Everything I used was left over scraps. The circle fabric is from an owl pillow I made early on for Little Man, and I also used some of it to make burp cloths and bibs. That small amount of fabric went further than I ever thought it would.  The cream is just a thick muslin that came from the hoard of fabric my Mom gave me a while back. The pillow itself is leftover fabric from covering the chair cushions. 

Now LeLe has a little fashionable support for her back when she is rocking our baby to sleep.


  1. The little pillow is unbelievably adorable! Really finishes the rocker and I thought it great before!!!

  2. I love owls and yours is great!!

  3. Um, I love how you show THE WHOLE INTERNET before you even tell me about this. :P We have wifi in our room.

  4. ARRGGHHH!!!! I didn't know you would see it before you got home. It was supposed to be a surprise! You shouldn't be so addicted to the computer. I waited until you left before I posted it. I can't win.

  5. That is so stinkin' cute! I love it! That is seriously the cutest owl I have ever seen!