Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Rocking Chair

My mom gave LeLe this glider rocker for Little Man's room.

I can't tell you how many years she's had it. And she had it for quite some time before she had it recovered. As you can tell, it's been recovered so long, there are rips in the seat cushion.  But it still glides well and will be perfect to rock-a-bye the baby.

This is what I did to it this afternoon.

It was much easier than I expected.  I began with the bottom cushion. I layed it out on the fabric and cut around it. I gave myself too much extra and had to go back and restitch and trim. Stuffing that thing was not a breeze, but I managed and SR helped me hold it while sewing it shut on the machine.

I got wise with the back cushion, and after cutting around it, put the right sides together and pinned them around it. I'd seen that on HGTV once or twice. I only had to sew once. I originally planned to either paint a design on it, or applique one, but LeLe and I discussed it and decided to leave it alone.

I didn't like that the back cushion didn't seem as smooth as the bottom, so I found some brown buttons and sewed them into the place where the old cushion had seams. I think it was just the thing.

All in all it's been a productive afternoon.


  1. amazing! i love before and after photos :-)

  2. Ditto on the before and after! Looks like one comfy rocker!!! Lucky mama and Little Man!