Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two Down

I have accomplished two things on my to do list posted earlier.

I bought fabric and sewed stuff for Little Man.

Baseball and Football burp cloths.

I even did a little quilting on them. When I showed SR (AKA Grandpa Red) the fabric and told him what I planned, he was all smiles. He was loving this fabric. When my niece saw them at LeLe's shower, she submitted her order. And since she is decorating her baby's room with balls of all kind, this will fit in perfectly.  I have also cut out shades, a dust ruffle, and a couple of other things from the dotted fabric in my last post.  I hope to get started sewing on them today or tomorrow.

The other task I accomplished was transplanting the cedar trees from the front yard to the back.  For that picture, you will have to skip over to B_Lines.

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