Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Old Idea

When we first purchased our home, I was looking for inexpensive ways to decorate. We love to browse antique and collectibles shops, and in the back of one, where they had all the junk interesting items, something caught my eye. Someone had cut decorative iron porch supports (can't think of exactly what they are called) into two short pieces. I thought to myself they would be perfect for hanging over doors.

We have two halls in our house due to a split floor plan, and they were perfect for both hall entrances. They were of course dirty and needed lots of work. I cleaned them up, painted them creamy white and then took some watered down brown acrylic paint and "washed" them. I wiped off the excess, and it was almost just like a glaze or stain.  

I still love them. You could also turn them length wise and hang them on each side of the doorway, or a painting. You could even hang them together, one a little higher than the other. The possibilities are endless.

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