Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For Bryce

I whipped this up for my niece who is having a shower Sunday. She is due the week after LeLe.  It looks aqua blue in these shots, but it's more of a royal blue. She is decorating Bryce's room with all kinds of sports.

I was not pleased that our local Walmart didn't have any of the items on niece's registry. I hunted and hunted, but couldn't find any of it.  It's becoming increasingly frustrating to shop here, but I must be thankful that we even have one. Be thankful.......

Here are blocks four and five of J's quilt. I don't expect to be able to work on it for another week or so, but I haven't forgotten it.

I realize they are pretty random, but I never did like structure. I hope when I get them all put together, it doesn't look like a hot mess. Still have one more block to go....


  1. how big are those blocks of the quilt? i keep trying to picture it but just can't until i know the size...

  2. Well, they are rather large. I cut each square five x five.

  3. Nice! Bryce is a good name I like it.