Sunday, March 28, 2010

Owl on The Wall

I've posted this on facebook, but decided to go ahead and post it here as well.
This weekend, while LeLe was on a short trip, I painted a mural on Little Man's wall. She searched the interwebs and this is the one she liked the best.

The crib will go directly under the tree and here's hoping baby likes it. After two days of standing on a ladder, I'd hate to think we had to take it off. *grin*

Also while she was gone, I hung the window treatments, and moved the glider rocker into the room. She'll have to post pictures of that, because I forgot to take any. 

In other news, niece was very happy with Bryce's gifts, (see this post) but her husband was tickled to death with the burp cloths made out of sports fabric. (see this post) I was relieved they were pleased, because you just never know if someone likes handmade items.

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