Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still At It

I don't remember it being this hard to decorate for Christmas last year. But then, I was satisfied with the same ole same ole and this year I'm trying to shake it up without spending a fortune. I've been trying to take what I already have, and rearrange it, or do something different with it. Case in point:

I had an idea to group all my snowmen together. I didn't even realize until this year, I had that many snowmen.  I was going to buy some "snow" to place them on, and I still might, but having some silver beads and red balls leftover from the tree, I thought I'd see how that would work. I kinda like it.

I also found some of my greenery and added it to the comfort and joy arrangement on my buffet.

I think with the greenery, and another couple of shorter candles, it's done. I don't want to over do it.

My tree is not working for me. Not posting a picture until I get it right, if I ever do.  I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Well, other than it's a really inexepensive tree and it has a lot of holes in it. I know I need to get some gold or white mesh ribbon and fill those in. That might do the trick.

I still have to put out the lighted candy canes and green garland on the front of the house. And figure out what to do to decorate the empty flower pots on the front porch. I used silk poinsettias to make an arrangement last year, but I've already used them to make a door wreath. One that also needs a little something added.  I think I know what to add though.....

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