Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not Working for Me...

Ok girls. Adding the bow, is not working for me. It lacks pizzazz in a big way. I tried putting it on a square red plate....nothing.   Today I saw a bow with two or three small round ornaments in the middle of it. That might help the bow, but not the contents of the jar.....

So, I'm wondering if I just need to forget about the peppermint candies in the jar, and use something else. Like cinnamon disks, or something with a bit more umph. Course, with that bow, you can't really see the contents from the front. Is the bow too large?

I saw a garland today at a local store that was pretty cool. It was made of round balls, some solid red, and some like peppermints. If I could find something like that, (only not so expensive) I could put that in the bowl instead, or even put the bowl on a plate and wrap some of the garland around.

I have some silk holly in the attic and could put  a few springs of that in there somewhere, as Y suggested. But I can't get up there by myself, and I told the hubs he could wait until after Thanksgiving to get it all down for me.  

It looks like the white taper is sitting crooked in this photo, but I assure you it's not. I tried using a red taper, but it didn't help. It could be due to the color of the bow, not matching the taper.

I could always just start completely over, and get one of those cool peppermint colored pillar candles to put inside. And use a peppermint colored bow I saw at Walmart yesterday. If I did that, and used solid colored red candy, it might make a difference. Any and all suggestions are welcome. We will share in this creation of Christmas beauty.  I really had high hopes for this when it came into my head. I sure hope we can pull it off....


  1. I think the bow is way too froofy and big. If it were smaller, it might work. I don't know. I'm not good at arrangements.

  2. How about taking it all out and getting some little lights,putting them in a bunch with the bowl turned upside down on top of them. I have done that before and it is pretty.

  3. I took the bow off. Changed the white candle for a red one, and already it looks better to me. I'm going to play around some more when I can access my Christmas stuff.

    Lisa, that's a great idea. I have another bowl like that and I might try that too! Thanks.