Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stocking Project Completed

This project was also for my sister to give as gifts. They are two hand sewn, hand painted stockings.

I documented the process for those of you who are interested.

First I wash the fabric to eliminate any sizing. Then press, cut out and sew together stocking.

Before I start painting, I cut out a piece of cardboard or poster board and insert into the stocking, to keep paint from bleeding through. Then I set my pattern on it, and trace around.

 I usually find my patterns from coloring books, Christmas cards and royalty free pictures online. I print them out from my computer and then cut them out. It saves a lot of time, not having to draw the design out free handed.

 This is the design drawn onto  the stocking. I use light leaded pencils, as it will show through the paint if it's too dark.

 I then block in the color. Even if the picture is close to the same color as the fabric, I block it in. It makes it much easier to add highlights and shading. I usually need to apply two coats, as fabric doesn't absorb paint evenly for the first layer.

Then all the highlights and shading are added. When it has been dried overnight, I heat set with an iron. I use a pressing cloth, to keep the paint from melting onto the iron, and to keep the paint from smearing.  The names at the top, are usually done with the slick paint. It is thick and raised. It's also much faster than lettering with a brush.

There you have it. A stocking for Blake and Faith.

Now, I have something I need advice on.  I had this idea to make an arrangement with candy canes and peppermint. But it needs something. Any suggestions? It just doens't have that zing I'm looking for. Take a look at this....

?? Maybe a bow? A bigger candle? Something more colorful than the peppermints? What do you think?


  1. Before I scrolled down to the bottom of the pic I was thinking it need a bow. A big one!

    The stocking are really nice.

  2. Love the stockings. I think a big red sparkly bow on the candle arrangement or maybe instead of peppermints some red glass pieces? Its pretty either way!

  3. Yeah, I'm thinking I'll add a bow at the very least. And if I place it on a red plate, that might jazz it up some... Thanks for the help girls.

  4. What a great idea! Mind if I borrow it? I promise to give you credit! I'm into holly...couple of sprigs of holly with berries and a bit of red bow. Show us how you finish it off.

    The stockings are cool beans!