Friday, November 20, 2009

A Few Christmas Projects

I've gotten a few Christmas presents done, and have some more in the works. I initially decided against posting the photos, for fear the recipients would see them, but I seriously doubt they will see my blog.
The first is a set of Christmas burp cloths I created for my sister to give as a gift.

I intended to create three, but she only wanted the two, and I had an extra applique to do something with, so I just tacked it onto the other end of one. This way, any way you lay it, it is facing the correct direction. While I was finishing up these two, my thread began to act very strange. The top stitching looked fine, but the understitching was nothing but a loose straight line. I fiddled with the tension but it didn't help. I wondered if it was the thin weave of the diapers, but I was afraid my 30 someodd year old machine was beginning to shut down. I left it alone for a couple of days, then used new thread and a different fabric and it was back to normal. I was even able to rip out the offensive stitching and redo it. What a relief!

The next photos are of two razorback fleece throws I bound and personalized. The first is for J's girlfriend. I was only going to purchase one yard of the fabric, but the clerk suggested I get one and a half, to make it more square. I am glad I did.

I really love how it turned out. BUT, I'm learning the hard way what not to do. I found that it is a must to use "wonder under" to steady the lettering. And the stretch of the fleece makes it very tricky when you are binding it, even when you cut the binding fabric on the bias.  The following is the one I did for J.

After I began working on it, I found a really disturbing flaw in the fabric. There was a line where the fleece was gone. I fretted over it and decided to add the lettering over the flaw to stablize it. Bad decision. It only brought attention to the line....

I should have left it alone, and the lettering being in another area would have taken the focus away. I tried zig zagging across it, but it looked horrible, so I ripped that all out. I hope that it will hold up after it's washed. I know J won't worry about that little flaw, I'm the only one who will care, but it still bothers me. Must be a pride thing. :-p


  1. Did not know you could buy Razorback fleece. I haven't sewn a thing in years and that made me want to go out and buy some so I could make a Razorback something! Guess I'll have to check that out next time I'm over in Arkansas. I don't think I'd have any trouble dragging Mom out to look at fabric ;) You're gonna have some mighty happy people on Christmas!

  2. Well, maybe we could all meet at the fabric department in Walmart!!