Saturday, August 3, 2013

List Update

The problem with my lists is that I always add to them before I get much of anything marked off. Case in point.

1. Sash/Square up and quilt donated blocks for the Moore Oklahoma tornado victims. (As soon as they arrive) (Still waiting for them to get here, but they should arrive this week)

2. An English Paper Piecing project for a friend. (By September)

3. Two memory quilts for a friend who lost her husband last year.

4. At least four more NICU quilts. (I'd like to get more done if possible)

5. Finish up all BOMs that are currently ongoing.
     A. Paper pieced
     B. Traditional
     C. Deck-Ade the Halls
     D. Bea's Sampler
(I have two more of them done.)

6. A Cover/Stand for my tablet pc. (Made the stand but realized I used the wrong pattern so back to the drawing board for a cover/carrier. )

7. Baste and quilt a vintage quilt top for my cousin. (Almost done. About 85% finished)

8. A few dresses along for my Little Klaire. (She's growing so fast, I have no idea what size to make. She outgrew two new outfits within a week. Amazing!)

9. Maybe some pants and appliqued shirts for LMW

(The following need not be done by Christmas, but they are long over due)

10. Paint my tv cabinet

11. Paint an old end table my father made for me

12. Sand and refinish the top of my dining table

13. Make new bedding for myself

14. Repaint my front door. (Ugh!! This is WAYYYY overdue)

15. Reorganize my craft/sewing closet. You take your life in your hands when you open the door....(What a relief!)

16: Paint used filing cabinet for storage in sewing room. (I would have finished that today if I hadn't run out of paint.)

17: Paint old window I bought at a flea market white. Someone turned it into a shelf for display and I've been wanting to make one. I found one made for less than a vintage window costs at most flea markets. (One coat on. Will get second coat on tomorrow if all goes as planned)

18: Paint an old hollow interior door to use as a sewing table top. Can't do that until I get a second filing cabinet. I'll be using them to hold the table/door top. 

In case you can't tell, I'm in the remodeling mode for my sewing room. I think I mentioned it. I have found some drive over the last couple of weeks so I think my whining will stop now. I have a long list, but it gives me something to work toward. 


  1. Little bits of time here and there, and things will get done.

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  3. My sister and I just got through reorganizing her sewing area and it looks great - you'll get there! blessings, marlene