Friday, August 23, 2013

Hanging Around

I spent the day hanging things.
This is the quilt rack SR found for me in one of the flea markets we shopped. Remember?
I painted it and hung it up, then draped his great grandmother's quilt over it. I didn't realize how much aqua/teal it had in it so I was delighted when I actually took a good look at it hung. In my sewing room, there is mostly blue, aqua, teal, and some orange thrown in for a pop.

You see this machine sitting in front of the quilt? Her name is Pat. I named her Pat after SR's aunt who gave her to me today. She was made in the 1950's and sews like a dream. I can't wait to get the adapter I ordered so I can put a walking foot on her.
It's been raining sewing machines for me lately. I'm loving it!!!

I also hung some quilt squares that I framed. The frames were like this. Four of them hung on my Mom's sewing room wall and I've had them in mine since her passing. But, I needed a change.
This is what I did. (Sorry about the glare of the ceiling light.)
  I also hung one under the watercolor of my great grandparents old home place.
Have you tried those new Command frame hangers? They are the bomb! No extra holes in the walls.


  1. You have made a very pretty and comforting place to create.

  2. Love all your changes and especially love the machine! Blessings, Marlene

  3. You make me want to make quilt blocks just to frame and hang them! What a great idea!!!