Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February BOM

I have my Feburary block(s) done. They weren't hard and I enjoyed taking a break from quilting to put them together.
The first one is a Scrappy Heart from Carter Quilter. It's my first time at doing little corners on a square. I really want to learn some more popular methods.
The second is a Crazy Heart paper piece from Marcia.
I added the white and outside border to make it a full 12 1/2". I'm going to try to have two blocks for each month and next October I'll have enough squares to make two quilts.

Here is Janice's block. She's doing two blocks a month as well. We are enjoying doing these in tandem.

I went ahead and did another block for January.
This one wasn't paper pieced. I think the instructions must need tweaking because it's supposed to have a border, but it's 12 1/2" without the border so, I just left it off.

Now, I'm off to work on the quilting of my log cabin. It's taking me quite a while to get that done since it's a queen. I've never worked on a quilt that large and it's a real struggle sometimes with my little machine. My husband and I made a list the other day of things we want and a bigger better machine was at the top of my list!!

Enjoy your day my friends!!


  1. Great blocks - I love stars and love blues - so your last blocks is special!

  2. Such pretty blocks! And, you would sooo get your moneys worth from a bigger, better machine!