Friday, October 5, 2012

How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm...

After they've seen Paris?.....ahem...anyone remember that song? It was before my time, but it popped into my head.

I finished a quilt using embroidered panels that I colored in with crayons. I have to admit, I really like this one. I've dubbed it Barnyard Shuffle.
My new quilting buddy Janice gave me the panels. I colored them in, heat set the ink and coated it with textile medium, and did a quick embroidery back stitch around and through them.
It was kinda fun coloring. I always loved it when I was growing up. Still do on occasion with the little one. Everything I used except for the panels were from my stash. I'm on my way to using some of it up.
I have eight more panels to make into two more quilts and I'm going to continue using more of the red and black in the second one. Not sure what else I'll add to it, as I want it to be different and I am out of the black polka dot.  On the third one, I'll be using some of the fabric Janice gave me with the panels.

This was fun and a quick work up. Thanks Janice for such cute panels and inspiration!


  1. Very cute - and the key, having fun!

  2. Oh what fun! What brand of textile medium did you use and did you use at it a 1:1 ratio? I bought some for a similar project when I tried it on a sample it made the fabric look yellow and crispy. A sharp contrast to your lovely blocks that's for sure. This is a perfect NICU quilt, naturally neutral and plenty of fun.

  3. This quilt is just darling! And, crayons! How much fun is that?!!!

  4. That is adorable! Love the idea of coloring the blocks - great job!