Friday, October 26, 2012

Animal Fun

I finally finished a quilting project. It seems like I haven't finished one in so very long. This one is another with embroidered panels that my friend J gave me. She also gave me 95% of the fabrics used in this particular quilt.
I didn't realized I had misplaced two of the panels, and thought I only had the six left. Otherwise I would have made it with only four of the panels. The dimensions are not what I wanted, but it would make a nice crib quilt.
I kicked around the notion of trying some fmq around the animals, but talked myself out of it. Maybe on the next one.
My favorite of all the panels is this little elephant. I'm happiest with the way the crayon work turned out on him. I made two more panels to go with the two I misplaced. I used coloring book pages as templates and will put the four of them together for my next project.

First, I'm going to bind my postage stamp quilt, but that will have to be tomorrow. I'm also working on a pillow sham to match it.
I have all the strips sewn together and the quilting done on it, but don't have a photo of that yet. When it's all done and on the bed, I'll give you a look see. Enjoy your weekend everyone!!


  1. Very cute animal quilt! But that postage stamp - awesome. I love scrappy quilts. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Love the piggy!! Oh, you postage stamp is just fantastic - what a lovely, scrappy quilt!!

  3. The elephant is adorable....but I'm in love with the postage stamp quilt! Gorgeous!