Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Little Success

Ok, so I'm back from the LQS and I made some purchases. Not all of what I intended, but picked up some cool Christmas fabric.
I just couldn't pass this "Jolly" thing. I'm thinking I'll make a wall hanging out of the top part and possibly be able to figure out putting the other pieces together for a runner.
I plan to use the tree fabric to make a topper for my dining table. I already have a pattern picked out and saved to my files. I learned my lesson with the convergence fail. :/
I couldn't match or find anything close to the fabric I need more of, for my summer quilt project, so I found some clearance fabric that will work and I'll just start over with that. You can see it in the lower left hand corner of the top photo.

I didn't find what I wanted for my commission project but I know what I want now. I just have to travel to LR to get it, if I don't decide to order it online. Seems like the cost of shipping will be about the same as the gas money to LR... Oh well.


  1. Love the panel - I just pulled one out to play with too.

  2. I love that panel! Did you get it at Pinwheel? And where in LR will you find the fabric you want? blessings, marlene

  3. Cute Christmas panel. I've never worked with panels. I really should make some things for our ugly house with nothing on the walls or table. Maybe if I did a Christmas item it would get finished in time.