Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm Failing

I decided to post my lackluster convergence project. I'm following Tonya and Linda as they are doing a convergence quilt, but I didn't buy the book they are working through. I really should because just following along is not working for me....I'm failing.

I didn't plan to post about it at all, but decided I'd just go ahead and show the whole world what a ditz I am. *smirk* My first mess up was not cutting the strips in more obvious gradient sizes. Second mess up was sewing them together, same size strips beside each other instead of alternating them.

I think I've messed up by not cutting the gradients right AGAIN. This just doesn't look right to me.
But you know what? (A collective "WHAT?!")
I'm just gonna go with it. If it doesn't look like I want it to, at least I like the colors and I can make a table topper or pillow or something out of it. It's a learning experience eh? And will teach me to BUY THE BOOK. Sheesh.


  1. Yes, you missed an important step - I don't have the book either, but this is not a new technique - pulled one of my Mom's old books - presto. Also - see this

  2. Nice of Sharon to share the link. I will on my blog tomorrow.