Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Extra Item

When I revised my May for Me goals list, I took off the bedding project for LMW's bed. Well folks, I actually got that done yesterday. My sister and I postponed our date, and I worked on the quilt.
It's hanging a little uneven, but you can see it this way better. The dimensions may be a little off  for the vehicles, but he loved it and wanted to put it on his bed immediately. I had a blast doing this.
I did quite a bit of fmq because I didn't want a grid pattern on it. I wanted to highlight the different shades in the fabric.
And I wanted to give the illusion of the palest of clouds in the sky.
I should have used a dark thread in the bobbin, but LMW doesn't care and I learned yet another tip about doing these sorts of quilts. I put this one together differently, and decided to use regular grosgrain ribbon on the edge.
LeLe liked it, LMW liked it, SR liked it and I do too! So that's all the counts. Now, LMW has a car/race car/truck/backhoe quilt for his race car bed.
And I have one item left on my goals list. That will be accomplished tomorrow.


  1. What a cute set for a little boy who is on the go - great work on your May For Me list.

  2. Oh, Belinda...forgive me for not stopping by sooner!! What an adorable finish! I love, love your vehicles and your FMQ, too! Wow. I am just in awe of this cute project. :)

  3. This is so so so cute! You do a great job!