Saturday, May 19, 2012

Christmas in May

Since I've been on an applique kick lately, I thought I'd do something of that nature for my May Christmas project.
 The color is off a bit in this photo, I suppose it's due to the aqua wall, but the towel is actually a sage green. 
 I just used my trusty Wonder Under and a zig zag stitch. It was fun coming up with the designs for these. And you know, it's amazing what a little rick-rack will do for something. It makes all the difference sometimes.
  I now have some fun towels to hang up in the bathroom around Christmas time!

In a recent post I shared some kitchen towels that were for my friend Y. What she didn't know at the time, was that there was more in her package than she thought. Here is all that was mailed to her.
Included in her pack was a Razorback and a Saints Onesie for her grandson and a few mug rugs as well. I think she was well pleased. *grin*


  1. Holy COW! I don't get on the 'puter for a couple of days and you go crazy creating!!! Everything is just TOO COOL BEANS!

    You're right! I spread everything out on my bed and admired it all! I had to play with them a bit. ;) 'Tweeter' and LM will be here Friday, but I took pictures of the onesies and sent them to her. I couldn't wait to show off what you had made for LM! LM has his first Razorback outfit!!!!! Sooo appreciated, Miss B! I'm very blessed to have you as a friend. :D

  2. I LOVE the Christmas towels! I need your inspiration so I could get Christmas stuff done now! Maybe if I keeping seeing what you do it'll get me going!