Friday, May 11, 2012

While He Was Sleeping

Seems I'm on an applique merry-go-round and can't get off. While LMW took his afternoon siesta, Nanna fixed him up a shirt. He has two octopus shirts and loves to wear them, but they are jammy tops, so he needed something for wearing out of the house.
Basically, I just free handed a little squiggly being, used "wonder under" to adhere it, and zig-zagged around it. I zigged a little mouth for him, then used puff paint to make his eyes and tie. I would rather have used a simple tee, but a pocket shirt was all Walmart offered that was in a solid color.

When he saw it, he immediately wanted to put on his "Ock-pus shut"...


  1. Hey, a little boy needs a pocket to hide some treasure in. He looks very happy with his new shirt.

  2. How cute!! It looks like your grandson was very happy with his new shirt :)

  3. Oh, my GOODNESS!!! I am just cracking up! Mr. Win and his "Ock-pus shut" are too adorable!

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