Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chair Re-Do

I finished my first May for Me project. Yippee!! One thing I can cross off my list!

Let's revisit this chair in the beginning. Dull, stained, get the idea.
It belonged to my grandparents, and then my mother.  It wasn't an heirloom, as they went in together to purchase it when I was a small child, so I didn't have any qualms about overhauling it. And this is what I did with it....
I'm tickled pink at how it turned out. I wanted something with beachy colors, but not a beachy theme. I think I accomplished that.
This is the little corner in my room, where I visit with you all, and reminisce about the beach trip last summer. I also plan my beach trip next summer here. But mostly, I interact with my blogger friends, and edit all my LMW photos. *grin*
See my "May for ME" desktop?!  I even had enough fabric to replace the black and white skirt in the knee well. How cool is that?! I finally have this area just how I want it.
So there you have it folks! My first to-do on the list marked through. Woo Hoo! Happy May for ME!!!

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  1. This is just awesome! What a difference and such a fun corner to work in.

  2. Oh so cool! You really gave your old chair a really new and refreshing look! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing at May for Me Linky Party!

    I have a couple chairs that need a new look ... want to come to Wisconsin and help me?

    Enjoying every day in May ... One day at time!

  3. Its charming. Totally new but still maintaining the vintage look. Good job!

  4. Oooooh! Totally awesome! The teal really pops! I LOVE how THAT turned out!!! I'm going to have to remember your skirt idea. I really like what that does for the desk and it may come in handy some day.

  5. That is fabulous! I love how your project turned out! What did you use to secure the tiny nails? I have some chairs that I'll be re-doing (maybe in 2015, LOL) and I'd love to know what worked well. :)