Saturday, June 9, 2012

Christmas in June

Santa Claus is coming to town.....This earworm is stuck in my head but that's ok. I LOVE Christmas. I'm really enjoying doing these little holiday projects every month. And I can see that it is going to really lighten my stress level when Christmas actually arrives!!

 Today, I've put together a Hoop Santa. What?  Yep, a Santa made from a 14" embroidery hoop. Let me show you.
Here's how I did it...
I took the hoop and some paper and drew a circle the size of the inside part of the hoop so I'd know exactly how large to make dear ole Santa. Then drew my design out inside the circle.
I chose my background fabric, and marked with a water color pencil where the outside edge was on that fabric, then took it back out of the hoop and created my Santa face using the following:

Fabric scraps
Wonder Under
I just layered it all the way I wanted it, and quilted in the usual way. I then took a little water as you can see here, and got rid of that pesky pencil mark. I used a heavy zig zag stitch for the eyelashes and a water color pencil for the rosy cheek color.

I put St. Nick back in the hoop, trimmed the excess and hot glued the edges down in the back like so.
 At this point, you can decide whether to cover the back or not, but since I decided to hang it from the overlap, I didn't do that. Saves time, fabric and trying to secure a hanger on the back.
You can simply tie a bow to the top or....
Go all crazy with it hot gluing all kinds of cool embellishments.
Santa is ready for Christmas...and so am I!! The only question is where he's going to "hang around" until then... *wink*


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  2. This is so cute! Don't lose track of him now.

  3. Oh, he's adorable! My first thought was "how did she make that" and then you gave the instructions! Sweet!