Thursday, July 1, 2010

Embellished Tee

I decided that I wanted something for ME this time. I've been doing a lot for LM, but nothing for myself. I really don't like sewing for myself, but embellishing tees I do like.

I took a sheet of ordinary printer paper, and drew my design out. I folded the paper in half to reproduce the exact image on both sides. I then  traced the design onto a piece of WonderUnder and cut around it.

After ironing the WonderUnder onto the wrong side of my fabric, I then cut it all out with small scissors. I ironed it onto the front of my tee then pressed some fusible webbing onto the back side for stability. ( I highly recommend this, because the stretchy tee will be hard to work with smoothly if you don't. Not to mention tearing if you pull a little too aggressively.)

 I then began the slow S L O W process of stitching around it. When I say slow, I mean at times, I moved the wheel by hand. Lots of hand turning and stopping to turn the shirt.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the result and plan to embellish a couple more shirts I picked up at J.C. Penney. They hold up better than Walmart or dollar store brands and they don't really cost much more.

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  1. MY GOODNESS! All that intricate sewing...I can see why you had to turn the wheel by hand! You have WAY more patience than I do. Turned out great. Now, we need to see a picture of you celebrating the 4th wearing it! :D